Best iPhone 7 deals: How to haggle for a cheaper contract

My phone has packed it in.

Well, not completely, but it’s a horrible coral pink iPhone 5c with only 16GB memory and… okay, I just want a new one.

It used to be relatively simple to upgrade to a better iPhone – just renew your contract and ask for the new model – but now phone companies are pricing up their products, purchasing the latest iPhone can set you back more than £1000.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Do your research, or read that of myself and others, and you can get your paws on a jet black handset without entering the black.

So #blessed to get a free iPhone @ work

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(Sadly, I didn’t get to keep it)

Here are the best deals on hand to nab the iPhone 7:

Apple iPhone Upgrade Program

If you can leave your contract, Apple’s Upgrade Program is the best value. It has just launched in the UK and guarantees you the latest unlocked iPhone with AppleCare+ chucked in. (FYI, AppleCare+ allows for two cases of accidental damage a year, as well as all the other insurance and is worth more than £100 alone).

Most contracts with the iPhone 7 cost an extortionate amount. For example, for an iPhone 7 32GB prices range from £16.99 per month with £394 upfront on EE (£801.76 for the total 24 month contract) to £42 per month (with a free handset) on 3, (£1008.00 total for 24 months).

A 0% finance plan with Apple starts at 33.45 per month with a £49 upfront payment. So you’re getting an interest-free 20 month SIM free contract for £718, including AppleCare+.

Then you just add a SIM only contract for far cheaper; I get 4GB with unlimited calls and texts for just £8.99 (see below for haggling on this…)

Total cost = from £33.45 per month, including the cost of your new iPhone 7 and AppleCare+ over 20 months and the option to get a new iPhone after 11 payments.

Reserve your phone here or set up a plan in store

Sim free deals:

Of course, upfront is the cheapest way to buy an iPhone, so if you have the cash to splash, here’s where you can get it:

John Lewis’ handset includes a two year guarantee
  • Amazon – from £599 here
  • John Lewis – from £599 with two year guarantee here
  • Giff Gaff – from £599 or £28.49 per month here
  • Currys – from £599 here


Check you are due an upgrade. If not, it’s worth asking for an early one or what the cancellation fee is. Here’s where a notebook and calculator comes in handy; add everything up and work out if cancelling or renewing your contract is better value.

But if you are ready, it is important to:

  1. Know what you want – in terms of data, minutes and texts
  2. Know what you can get elsewhere – and threaten to leave
  3. Know your value – if you’ve been with a network for a while, they will do almost anything to keep you

When you’re haggling it is important to stress how happy you are with the company but that you’ve found a better and cheaper deal. Be firm, not angry…



Say what that price is too, sometimes accidentally omitting an upfront/additional cost on the alternative contract, and refuse to budge until your existing network matches it. Failing that, try negotiating a free handset. Ideally, you want to stay with the provider, as it can be a faff changing your number, but remember that they want you too – so haggle, haggle, haggle, but don’t be unreasonable.

The cheapest Christmas contracts:


  • iPhone 7 32GB: £150 (£140) upfront/£26.50 per month
    • 3GB data
    • Unlimited calls and texts
    • Use code: 10OFF to knock a tenner off the upfront price
    • 24 month contract
    • Total = £776
    • Buy – here


  • iPhone 7 32GB: £100 (£75) upfront/£31 per month
    • 5GB data
    • Unlimited calls and texts
    • Use code: XMAS732 to get £25 off the upfront cost
    • 24 month contract
    • Total = £819
    • Buy – here


  • iPhone 7 32GB: £150 (£140) upfront/ £30.99 per month
    • 1 GB data
    • Unlimited calls and texts
    • Use code: 10OFF to knock a tenner off the upfront price
    • 24 month contract
    • Total = £883.76
    • Buy – here


  • iPhone 7 32GB: £24 upfront/£39 per month
    • £8GB data
    • Unlimited calls and texts
    • 24 month contract
    • Total = £960
    • Buy – here

3 thoughts on “Best iPhone 7 deals: How to haggle for a cheaper contract

  1. Ooh, this was interesting…thanks for the tip? Need to keep this in mind when time comes to upgrade my 5S to something better – still works perfectly and not damaged so can’t justify swapping just yet. I did buy mine straight off and put my old operator SIM into it.. cheaper than the pay monthly deals.


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