Little bit Lavish review: a beauty subscription box with hand picked hidden gems

I’ve been a bit blue this month and it is so cold my skin is falling to pieces – so what better time for a pampering?

Little bit Lavish is a beauty subscription service. Each box will contain between five and seven products – skincare, beauty and sometimes something edible or lifestyley. The content is sourced from a mix of small companies, with homemade products, to larger brands – all with a focus on being organic, natural or cruelty-free.

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This month’s Little bit Lavish subscription box is called January Gems:

Little bit Lavish has chosen these products to get you through the cold months, help with your New Year’s resolutions or beat the guilt from over indulging in December!

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Here is this month’s box, in order of preference:

Olofson Skincare and Jade Facial Roller:

These two products come joint first as you can’t really use the jade roller (RRP £10) without some form of cream or oil.

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And that brings me to the oil… wow. I had never used facial oil until this Olofson Skincare one (RRP £12) because I thought it would make my skin greasy, but instead it has made my skin soft and surprisingly un-oily.

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As soon as you get into the bottle (it has a strange child-lock on the cap) the smell of apricot and hazelnut is enough to make you drizzle it all over your face.

Drop by heavenly drop

Whether or not you believe in the healing properties of gemstones (I don’t), there is a lot to be said for rolling (no, not cigarettes).  You use the roller (RRP £10) to give yourself a lymphatic massage – the pressure helps break up blood cells, increase stimulation of collagen, drains congested lymph nodes and sinuses – all great to ease a puffy, patchy face.

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Tip: if you put the roller in the fridge beforehand, it feels incredible (and is said to work better).

Soothe-me Everyday Hand Cream:

Soothe-me is an artisan business which makes natural and organic skincare. As a nail biter, and a serious hand neglecter, this cream (RRP £7.50) was just what I needed.

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The tiny pot contains a really thick paste, which means you only use a tiny scoop at a time. Completely comforting, it is infused with frankincense, mint and grapefruit, leaving your fingers smelling fruity and refreshed.

Saturated Colour Scrub Stick:

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And, like my hands, I also bite my lips. In winter, they are permanently chapped, sometimes even completely cut. This Scrub Stick has an exfoliant sugar in which buffs your lips while moisturising them – it is a genius idea, and completely cruelty-free.

Isla Apothecary Neroli Body Oil:

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This Neroli Body Oil (RRP £16) is straight out of the spa. Handcrafted with essential and natural oils, it soothes the skin and leaves you feeling pampered. My recommendation is to use it after a loooong bath to leave you relaxed, as soft as a baby and ready for bed.

Good Full Stop, Cherry & Maple Fruit & Nut Bar:


I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of cherry, or of fruit and nut… so the Good Full Stop bar (84p) was fighting a losing battle. Props for picking something healthy to put in the box but I’ll go for chocolate every time!


This subscription box is carefully picked, and great for introducing you to lesser known, high quality brands. I personally love that you can just order one – perfect as a present to cheer a friend up – or choose a longer subscription, whereas other boxes on the market usually require a three-month minimum commitment or direct debit.

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Price: £20 inc. P&P

Total value of this box (at RRPs) = £52.84

Try Little bit Lavish here. Receive a box free, when you sign up for a one year subscription!

*I received this box free for the purposes of the review but all opinions are my own and completely honest.

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