Getting lost in the countryside: The Oxted Circular Walk

Call me old-fashioned or a hopeless romantic but my idea of a perfect day is a walk in the countryside, followed by lunch in a pub and a slow stumble home.

It was also one of my New Year’s Resolutions so, last week, that’s exactly what I did.





You’d be surprised how easy it is to get out to the country from London. I went on the Oxted Circular Walk, which starts in Oxted, Surrey – just 30/40 minutes from London Bridge or Victoria on the train.

It starts in a quite residential area, but with some really fancy houses to gawp at, then down a footpath and you’re out in pure greenery.


We went through woods, tiptoed around golfing greens, past sheep and cows, got stung by stinging nettles, saw gorgeous bluebells and OH MY GOD breathed in so much fresh air.

Some highlights…

This throne on the side of a golf course (I narrowly escaped getting hit by a golf ball whilst sitting on this)


Peter Rabbit’s post box which was filled with adorable letters from (I assume) little ones


These sassy sheep


And this cow


All the spooky trees

This pond

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These bluebells


Oh, and climbing trees


The route takes you via Limpsfield and across the Limpsfield Common, the parts of the Titsey Estate and Squerryes Park. We found the directions on the Walking Club website which I would 100% recommend.


There is a choice of lunchtime pubs when you reach Westerham, a small market town in Kent. I’m not the best at navigating, nor was my other half, so we got a little lost on our way. When we finally arrived in Westerham, four hours later, I was dying for refreshments which the Kings Arms Hotel gladly provided.

However, after filling our stomachs and quenching our thirst the post-lunch crash set in. We got unretrievable lost and, as the sun started setting, accepted defeat and headed home.

And my hair was getting messed up!

All together I clocked up 30,000 steps, impressive considering my usual daily average is 8,000. And I slept like a BABY.

Me, getting told we were only half way through

The guide was relatively easy to follow and I think we would have persevered had it not been late. Next time, I’m definitely going to nail it.

Have you got any walk recommendations? I’d love to hear about them x

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