Liverpool’s Top Five Hidden Gems – as chosen by a Scouser

I like to think of Liverpool as a second home. My family are from there originally and when I went to university there, I fell in love with the city and the people.

Sam Crawford is a blogger over at The Man Blueprint, he’s written an insider’s guide to Liverpool, I hope you enjoy!

Liverpool’s Top Five Hidden Gems – In the words of a Scouser

I love my city.

I love everything about it – the people, the architecture, the food, the drink and just about every little bit in between. 

One thing I am proud of is that everyone else who comes from or who visits this city falls in love with it. This city is Liverpool and it’s the best city in the world.

While we have huge draws such as The Beatles, the two Cathedrals and our football teams, there is so much more to Liverpool than TripAdvisor would have you believe. I’m here today to give you the rundown on the top five hidden gems Liverpool has to offer.

And what better way to unearth those lesser known places than to ask a local?




8 Vernon Street // L2 2AY
0151 227 4747

Ex-Directory is new on the bar scene in Liverpool and has caused quite the stir since it opened its doors. The location of those doors, however, has been the talk of the town. This is because Ex-Directory is located in a back alley, inside a phone booth. If you have the code then you can ring the phone and gain access. If not: unlucky my friend, this gem has evaded you. 

If you do get in, however, you’ll be greeted with amazing table service cocktails and a fantastic atmosphere. It’s a frequent celeb hangout so you might even get yourself a few photo opportunities. 

The Egg


16-18 Newington // L1 4ED
0151 707 2755

One of my favourite restaurants in Liverpool this one. The Egg is located just off Bold Street, in a three-storey terrace building. You have to climb a lot of stairs and go past various other shops to get to it but once you’re in, you’re greeted with a whole host of vegan and vegetarian delights.


They have all manner of different dishes to suit all tastes and often hold meetups for various societies across the city, meaning there’s always a buzz about the place. 



80 Bold Street // L1 4HR
0151 707 0880

Soho’s is one of Liverpool’s biggest vintage clothes stores and stocks everything you can possibly think of from Levis jeans to massive 70’s fur coats.


They also house three other stores within the shop: a piercing & tattoo parlour, a deadstock shoe store and a vinyl shop in the basement. These guys are doing vintage right.


Weaver’s Door


1 Harrington Street // L2 6RE
0151 236 6001

This one is just for the fellas – the guys at Weaver’s Door specialise in gentlemen’s clothing, often taking inspiration from British and Scandinavian designers to create not only a relaxed atmosphere but an excellent collection of heritage-inspired menswear.





88 Wood Street // L1 4DQ
0151 707 4444

The FACT is a well-respected establishment that is actually relatively popular already in Liverpool amongst the creative community. However, outside of the creative-types, not a lot of people know about it. They always have excellent exhibitions on as well as having their own cafe where you can chill out for as long as you want.


Their biggest draw, in my opinion, is the fact (pun intended) that they have a huge cinema on their upper floors where you can go and watch the latest movies as well as the classics and independent movies they frequently show. You can also buy a drink or three at their bar to bring in, making the movie just that little bit better. 


So those are my picks for those of you looking for some variety when you come and visit. And if you weren’t planning on visiting us – why not? Book yourself into one of our fantastic hotels and get exploring!



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