Christmas Gift Guide for Travel Fans

I love being home for Christmas but, come the New Year, I am desperate to get away.

This year, I’ve been lucky to visit some amazing places like Florence and Reykjavik, but I’m already looking ahead to my next trip in January.

If you know a travel bug like me, a great gift for the Holidays is one they can use on future ones. What better way to wish someone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year by helping them on their next adventure?

Here’s my Christmas Gift Guide for travel fans….

Touchscreen Gloves

Christmas can get a little chilly, especially if you’re travelling to colder climbs of the world, but I always hate not being able to use my phone with my gloves. Several brands I’ve tried before simply did not have good touch capability but Moshi Digits genuinely work.

They let you use your phone while keeping your fingers snug. The gloves have a super fluffy lining and I was so impressed by how well I was able to use my phone.

Get them for £24.95 here

A Travel Bag

When I travel I like to be totally prepared, with my passport, money and boarding passes handy. This little side bag by Melita Latham is perfect for keeping important documents in and even has card slots for your credit, debit and ID cards.

Coming soon to Melita Latham

Another essential travel bag is this Jennie hold-all from MiaTui. It will make you feel like Mary Poppins as it has room for everything.

Inside the bag you have pockets which come with their own accessory bags, including a seethrough toiletries bag for the airport, there are clips for your keys, insulated bottle holders, and phone & pen pockets. The pockets were big enough for my iPad too.

Another great feature is a pocket on the back that slips over the handles of your suitcase, so your bag fits on top of your suitcase and you can move around the airport with ease!

Get it for £55 here


I never go away without my headphones and these Philips Everlite are perfect for travelling. They fold up, making them more portable, and sound great!

They’re currently on sale for £22.49 here

Eye Mask

I bought an eye mask to help me sleep after night shifts and, since then, I can’t live without them! This one by Bedtime Bliss is the best I’ve ever tried.

It has a dark lining, so it is completely pitch black when you put it on, and with special contouring, so no light gets in around the side and no pressure is on your eyes – a godsend for sleeping on planes and trains!

It’s currently on sale for £8.90 here

Luggage Tags

A really cute little gift and a way to brighten up somebody’s case is with a luggage tag. This Melita Latham one is perfect for the chic professional traveller, whereas Scaramanga’s gorgeous handmade leather is perfect for the traditional traveller.

The Melita Latham range is coming soon…

Get the Scaramanga tag for £6 here

A Notebook & Passport Holder

Another thoughtful gift is a passport cover. Popov Leather design these exquisite handmade cases, which come in different colours of leather and stitching. You can also customise the case with initials, adding a personal touch.


Get it for £41 here

And don’t forget a little notebook to document travels. I love the & Other Stories range where I found this cute airmail notebook for a fiver.

Browse their collection from £5 here

A Travel Pillow

Another sleepy essential is a travel pillow –  one of those things you will never buy for yourself but is so useful on trips.

The Infinity Pillow is a very soft, versatile pillow. You can fold and shape to fit which way you feel most comfortable sleeping in.

Get it for £30 here

The TRTL Pillow is a little less photogenic, but a lot more portable and just as cosy. It folds up into a small square, which pops perfectly in your suitcase. A great gift for those who love naps or frequently travel!

Get it for £24.95 here

So that’s my round up of Christmas Gift Guide for Travel Fans, I hope you enjoyed it. Still stuck for ideas? Check out my guide for Professionals and for the Home.

Happy Christmas Shopping!

C x

I was gifted some of the items in this post for the purposes of the guide but all opinions are my own

33 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Guide for Travel Fans

  1. I feel like this post was written for me! I want to share this with my friends and family so they have some ideas for the holidays! haha

    The pocket that slips over the luggage bars is a life saver! I have a computer bag that does this and when I travel for work it really makes getting around ten times easier.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Fantastic post! Really like the travels bags and will looking to pick them up for myself. I’ve never seen the infinity pillow before but have someone on my Christmas list who would totally love it.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. These are great ideas! We travel a lot especially for the holidays and they are always long trips. These ideas are great. I couldn’t live without my noise cancelling headphones and I love the infinity wrap sleep pillow. My head always falls forward…

    Thanks for the great ideas.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What a great list! So fun, I want it all!!
    Oh my gosh! I LOVE those travel pillows. The one I have is so bulky and takes up so much space I never bring it and then I am sad that I have no pillow for longish haul flights. Those ones are so compact and they look super comfy. I am going to see if they carry these in Canada!!

    Liked by 1 person

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