BorrowMyDoggy Review – How I became a puppy pal

Readers, I’ve met someone.

He’s dark, handsome, fun, affectionate, likes going for long walks and loves snuggling with me on the sofa.

Who is this mystery man you ask? Well, his name is Reuben and he’s an eight-month-old miniature dachshund.

Reuben the miniature dachshund puppy doxie | Borrow My Doggy | Criddle Me This

‘Puppy’ was the word scrawled across the top of my Christmas list every December since the age of three. As a child, I memorised every breed in the world, as well as their personality traits, hair-type and how often you had to exercise them.

But, I never owned a furry friend. And, now I am an adult (I use the term quite loosely!), I still can’t get a dog because I work long hours and like to travel often – it wouldn’t be fair.

Borrow My Doggy Screenshot

So, to subdue my two-decade-long yearning, I signed up for BorrowMyDoggy.

BorrowMyDoggy is a sharing app which matches up dog owners, with people who want to borrow their dogs. Owners pay £44.99 a year, while borrowers pay £12.99. For that price, I thought it was worth a shot.

The whole experience is rather like using Tinder, or any other dating app. You upload a profile, with a few words on why you’d make the perfect companion citing any previous experience with dogs. The app allows you to scroll through profiles of dogs close to you, checking out their photos, finding out the breed, age, availability and habits.

Borrow My Doggy Screenshot list

And the anxiety of using a dating app is quite similar. You message potential puppy pals and then there is the wait for a reply. You realise that although there are a lot of profiles, they may not be active or maybe owners have found another candidate with more canine credentials, who they would rather lend their puppy to.

I messaged nine dogs before I got a match. But then, much like boys or buses, they all came at once.

Usually, you arrange to meet the owner and their dog first, to see if you get on. Like a first date, only you’re being judged.

On my first date, with a Chocolate Lab called Emmy, I chased her around with a stick, while her dog mom watched over, assessing my capabilities. I felt like I was auditioning for a part in a really bad sitcom.

The first meet is also a chance for the borrower to scope out the dog and the owner.

English Bulldog Puppy Dog borrow my doggy | Criddle Me This

I went to borrow an English Bulldog puppy only to find he was 12-weeks-old and barely trained (BorrowMyDoggy guidelines state a dog should be three months old before registering). When I messaged the owner again to arrange a doggy date a month later, he had given the puppy away.

Once you’ve found a dog you like, and you’ve got the owner’s approval, you’re free to borrow the doggy for an afternoon, a day, even a whole weekend. It’s about building up a relationship with the dog, so don’t expect it to be a *cough* walk in the park to begin with, but it is worth it in the end.

Here are some of the dogs I’ve met so far…



Pretty sure he’s a Chihuahua/King Charles Cavalier cross, but not entirely sure. He was very well-behaved, but not really a people person! 




A lovely Chocolate Labrador who loves going on long walks and running around. She is very docile and sweet but still learning to play fetch! 



Reuben is my new best friend. He’s adorable, playful and turns heads wherever you take him! And he’s especially sweet when sleeping…



Some essential dog borrower buys…


This crate is perfect for leaving muddy shoes in after a long walk. It’s £29.99 from Vintage Apple Crates.

Small_Pink3 (1024x1024)-500x500.jpg

They also make these cute personalised dog beds from £42.99 here



Don’t forget a lead, doggy bags and toys too.

One last puppy shot:



I hope you enjoyed reading, let me know if you have any other questions about BorrowMyDoggy x

43 thoughts on “BorrowMyDoggy Review – How I became a puppy pal

  1. I would never imagine there was an app like this, but I like the idea of it. I’m glad you’re enjoying it and you get the chance to connect with other dogs.

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  2. This is such a lovely idea! I wish this had been around when I lived in London. I always wanted a dog but lived in a flat with no garden and was out at work all day, so it didn’t seem fair. Now I live in Thailand, where there are lots of stray dogs and I work at home, I’ve finally got pet dogs. I haven’t even had to look for them. They’ve all found me and adopted me! We’ve got a great animal centre where I live, on Koh Lanta, that lets people take their dogs out for walks too.

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  3. Ahhh so cute! I’m so happy you’re one of those responsible people that realise they don’t have the perfect lifestyle for a dog full time but you help out where you can – it’s incredibly unselfish of you. I can’t imagine how hard it can be to give doggy back to doggy parents lol… Especially Reuben – he even looks like my little dog 🙂 💚

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  4. My experience is very familiar, dog lover, but work has meant its not really been reasonable to get a one myself. Then along come BMD and its been a revelation. I was lucky to meet three amazing little dogs straight away, with lovely owners, and as my job now allows me to work from home a couple of times a week I get to look after them (on a rota) quite often.

    They’re all great company, and we’ve bonded really well, to the extent that when they see me in the street they’ll bound over to say hello!

    They’ve also pretty much taken over my Instagram –

    Hope you continue to enjoy this amazing opportunity as much as I do!

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  5. LMAO this is amazing! I write a lot on my blog about online dating apps, but this is one I could get behind, for sure! Both types of users pay though? I would imagine that the people offering up their dogs might get paid if people are looking to hang out with them. Or, the dog watchers might be paid if it’s more like dog-sitting. That parts a little confusing to me.

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  6. Wow! We don’t have anything like that around here but this would be a great service for kids as well who think they are ready for the responsibility of a dog but need to test the waters. This is such a great service!

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  7. I’m a dog owner and literally obsessed with basically all dogs and I had no idea something like this existed! It sounds like a wonderful opportunity for those without dogs to get their fix and owners to get someone to pet sit or give their dogs attention while they’re at work. Sounds like a win-win to me! Also, your writing style is perfect. I was laughing so hard and I love how conversational it is! And any post that has cute dog pics is an automatic share in my book!

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  8. OMGOODNESS! What an amazingly good, sweet, adorable idea! I don’t know if we have something like this in the States. It’d be a nice way of introducing my kids to the idea of a pet without the huge responsibility as well.

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  9. Great article – I used borrowmydoggy as an dog owner but found that the borrowers often had little experience or just wanted to simply borrow my very cute cavapoo to show off to their friends. I get the premise though.

    I’ve actually moved on to use instead to find someone to walk my dog every week – I’m happier to know that the walker has been vetted and is insured. also, I pay them for the privilege of walking my little one, which I think they are happy about too – its only fair i pay for their time!

    Have you used them as well?

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  10. I am like you, I have always loved animals from such a young age and like you as an adult I am unable to have any furry friends because A. I rent a room and it wouldn’t be fair to confine my furry friend to a small space and B. I am not always around so I wouldn’t want them to spend long periods of time on their own . Borrow my Doggy sounds like the perfect app for any animal lover!

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  11. Aww those are such cute dogs! What a great concept!
    We don’t have a pet and there are no pet services like that in my neck of the woods but I’m sure my kids would love to be puppy pals if given an opportunity.

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  12. What a lovely concept! If this would operate in Finland our 10 months old miniature poodle Ben would for sure love being borrowed when we’re busy. Even if we walk our little fellow 3 hours or play all day it’s still up to some more attention and fun. It also loves to be petted by every people it meets. Haha. 🙂 Dogs are adorable, and that dachshund is such a cutie!

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  13. Ha! this is the first I’ve heard of this! sounds amazing! I know my kids would be on board with this idea, they want a dog (me too) but it’s not a good time right now… Hoping to buy us a home some day and then we’ll go ahead with a dog ; )
    I’ll have to search and see if the States has a thing like this! we could use a dog date ; P

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  14. Reubean is the cutest little sausage! I think I love him. Thanks for sharing your experience – I wish more people knew about BorrowMyDoggy. It turned me life around, I made the best friend. Glad you found one too ^_^

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